NSSD relies on volunteers to fill a variety of roles in the organization.

Volunteer applications are to be submitted by and for adults only.

All potential volunteers must attend a Volunteer Informational meeting and an Orientation before volunteering with our organization.

You can reach us at volunteer@nextstepservicedogs.org if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: The nature of our program does NOT provide all volunteer opportunities to work directly with the dogs. Volunteers who interact directly with the dogs are dog trainers and dog sitters.  However, all volunteers are welcome to view the training sessions and join in the NSSD community.


Temporary Care Providers are volunteers who cannot commit to full-time dog training, but are willing to take on the role of dog sitter when a dog needs temporary care (i.e. when a trainer has travel or has another commitment to which they cannot bring their dog-in-training).



Puppy Raisers are volunteers who want to raise a puppy. Raising an NSSD puppy will prove to be one of the most valued and exciting additions to your life and will take a good deal of patience and commitment. Our goal is that you will gain the skills and knowledge to become an excellent puppy raiser. In return, you will be molding and shaping a teammate for a Veteran or First Responder.