Make your dog a calendar super star!

Upload digital photos of your beloved dog to appear in the 2015 Fetching Canine wall calendar & contest, a fundraiser for Next Step Service Dogs!   


PRIZES:  The top 13 photos with the most votes will be on the cover and as a full-month photo; all other photos will appear in insets and on collage pages.  For each photo entry donation of $25, you receive a Fetching Canine Calendar by December 2014.  If you get more than 200 votes, you receive two extra calendars.

TO WIN:  Share the contest link with friends and family, and ask them to vote!!  You can vote for your own dog too!

Don’t have a dog but love them from afar?  Enjoy sharing the contest link with dog-loving friends, orcruise the posted photos and find a favorite dog to vote for and root for, then share the contest link with more of your friends to vote for your choice also!