Ember is a 1-year-old Golden Retriever. Ember was originally supposed to be just a family dog but quickly found herself on the road to become a Facility Dog specializing in peer support therapy – the first of her kind for Orange City Fire Department in Orange, California.

Her purpose is simple: to help first responders cope with the stresses seen on a day-to-day basis. She opens the door for future dogs and serves as an icebreaker to Mental Health Awareness.

Firefighters and Dogs have a long history together. Advancements in equipment brought the steam engine and replaced the horses & need for Dalmatians. Today, the firefighter-dog relationship has resurged and evolved. First Responders are exposed to many significant tragedies compounded over a 30-year career. Dogs reentered the firehouse to help first responders cope with what is seen, heard and felt during incidents.

Ember is currently going through the Next Step Service Dogs program and she will receive the same high level of training as a Service Dog, but once completed will not be considered a Service Dog because her purpose is to help many people through the fire department.

No day is quite the same for her as each shift brings it’s own unique set of duties, responsibilities and challenges. Truly, the Ruff life of Ember the fire dog. Once Ember & her handler Mike joined the working dog community, it seemed like everyone suggested Nature’s Select to them. NSSD has exclusively had their dogs on Nature’s Select for 20+ years. Since then, Ember has maintained a good weight and a rich, dark golden coat. Oh yeah, and her dog bowls are licked clean, too! Ember eats our Select Cold Water Recipe.

Learn more about Ember and read our full interview with her firefighter handler Mike, here. Follow her journey on Instagram @ember.thefiredog
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