MS Walk 2016

We had a great turnout for the MS walk. NSSD honored Sally Montrucchio, our Training Director, by getting up early and participating.  Thank you all for your support!

Teen Volunteers in Action

Teen Volunteers in Action learning how to train our service dogs and loving every minute of it!! Chewy is loving the attention not to mention all the treats!

Ian discusses runaway incident with Otto

Otto had one of those magic moments — just had to race 4o feet to meet up with other labrador buddies at the Next Step training session …. without permission, arghhh!!   Proud papa Ian took it in stride, called Otto back, and they chatted about it with smiles on both sides.  

GoFundMe is hugely helpful for Sweet Molly!

Hello All!   Thank you for your generous contributions at the $2,275 mark today,  getting closer to our $5,000 goal!  Molly is doing great, showed a lot of leg with trainer Gina by her side — this is on her first day after surgery.  It is now about 6 weeks later, her fur is growing