Help Provide a Service Dog For a Veteran or First Responder

Monetary donations go directly toward the training program. Donations receive a tax benefit letter and cover various items needed (not limited to):
– Dog Food and Treats – Vaccinations – Training Tools – Gear – Licensing and fees

Donate online by clicking below, or make checks payable to Next Step Service Dogs and send to:

12463 Rancho Bernardo Rd
PMB 574
San Diego, CA 92128

Next Step Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines.

Tax ID: 45-5266435

We would be honored to discuss specific sponsorship details with you directly.
For sponsoring a certified team, or a dog in training, please email us at

Spread the NSSD Word

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Tell your friends and family about NSSD and share our pages!

Your Donation Supports

$1,000 Veterinarian costs for one dog in training for one year.

$500 Equipment and supplies (vest, leash, collar, license, bedding, crate)

$250 Food and treats through certification

$150 Graduation package (flea med, food, crate)

$100 Flea Med for one year

$75 Crate

$50 Training toys

$25 Rabies Vaccination

Want to pick out something really cool to give to a service dog team?

Preferred treats, crates, leashes and more are on the Wishlist.
Many people with service dogs are on limited incomes.
Donations that directly benefit the dogs are always appreciated.

12463 Rancho Bernardo Rd #574
San Diego, CA 92128