How can a Next Step Service Dog help me?

Many of today’s warriors have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and often physical injuries as well. A Next Step Service Dog can be trained to assist you and respond to your individual needs in unique ways such as:

  • Create a strong peaceful barrier between the client and perceived threats
  • Provide comfort

What is the commitment needed to train and obtain a service dog?

A Next Step Service Dog thrives and gives his or her all when a strong bond develops between the dog and his human partner. To earn the dog’s loyalty and respect, and to foster a healthy relationship, the client and the dog will need to work, play, and spend many hours training together.

If you choose

How long is the wait for a Next Step Service Dog?

Depending on the availability of NSSD trainers, dogs and number of applicants applying at any given time, the length of the wait for a Next Step Service Dog will vary, but we will keep you informed of your status throughout the application process.

  1. After completing and submitting the online application, including the $150 application fee, you

Who owns the Next Step Service Dog?

For dogs owned by Next Step: When you and the dog have successfully met our training requirements, have been certified by Next Step Service Dogs and have graduated from our program, the dog is the property of Next Step Service Dogs. When you and your NSSD service dog have passed your Public Access Test and