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*NSSD does not condone discrimination with regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or veteran status in applicants, paid staff or volunteers.  All applications will be considered equally.
Puppy Raiser Job Description 

As a Next Step Service Dog Puppy Raiser, you will be teaching your puppy about love, trust, bravery, basic obedience, and socialization. As a raiser you and your pup will have public access to the movies, church, theme parks, bowling alleys, restaurants, stores and malls. You will use public transportation like buses, trains, and airports. They can go with you on vacations. You will expose them to all of the things they could encounter as a working service dog, so they become confident and comfortable in any situation.

Puppies are constantly learning during their first year of life! You will enjoy learning our specialized training to teach your puppy basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay, heel, and come.

Becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser of a future service dog is a 12 to 15 month-long commitment of time, energy, and love. Every day through care and training, Puppy Raisers provide the critical foundation that puppies need to begin formal service dog training. There are few things in this world more heart-warming than seeing your puppy work seamlessly with its teammate knowing that you’ve given someone a level of independence that she or he did not have before.

What is NSSD responsible for?

  • Vaccinations
  • Reimbursement of spay/neuter up to a certain amount (to be discussed upon placement)
  • Training equipment
  • Provides tools for puppy raisers to be successful
  • Provide monthly flea medications
  • Provide microchip
  • Provide food

What is a Puppy Raiser Responsible for?

  • Have dog spayed/neutered and given rabies when instructed
  • Get approval before taking puppy to vet or on trips
  • Attend an organized puppy class either at NSSD or a local approved program
  • Notify NSSD if you are unable to take the puppy where you are going and need to have a dog sitter
  • Administer monthly flea medications
  • Send monthly reports
  • Take puppy into public weekly and report behavioral concerns IMMEDIATELY
  • Turn in the dog at estimated due date with all vaccinations up to date and all paperwork

All Puppy Raisers agree to 4 training sessions prior to first placement.

*After placement, Puppy Raisers agree to attend a training session each week for the first 5 months and then two training sessions per month thereafter.  


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